Connie copen(non-registered)
I mst have missed fundraiser for Miami county animal shelter for this year 2015 you always do a excellent job at the shelter thank you for taking time for the cute photos
Belinda Hoosech(non-registered)
Thank you so much for taking the photos of the pets at the Miami County Animal Shelter. I recently met Fergus--the Shar Pei mix--you photographed (possibly in mid-July). Although I met him before I saw his photo on their site--it was nice to have a beautiful photo to share around while I was in the process of falling in love with him. I have several friends across the country who do animal rescue and commented on your pictures--they said that Miami County Shelter doesn't know how lucky they are to have someone who cares enough to get great photos up for adoptable dogs.

BTW--I did adopt him last weekend and Fergus is now happy in my home!

Thanks again for the work you do...maybe Fergus & I will book a photo session with you down the road sometime!
Donna Meade Photography
Thank you Sherry for coming out to support the Shelter during the holiday fundraiser. No need to wait for another fundraiser, you can contact me any time to book a personal portrait session for your pet!
Sherry Hale(non-registered)
Donna I think its great how you donate your time to take photos of the pets at the Miami County Shelter...Im sure that has helped a great deal with them finding their forever homes! I brought my new little guy out to have his picture taken when you were there before the Holidays as a fund raiser for the shelter. We LOVE the pictures you took and have had LOTS of compliments on them! We MAY be back for a summer picture!?
Thanks again!
Donna Meade Photography
I'm happy to do what I can to help them find homes. Thank you both for all you do! If you'd like to keep up on the most recent photos, "like" my fb business page. If you have furry members of your family and ever want portraits, please keep me in mind. Thank you for your encouraging comment.
Robert & Kathy North(non-registered)
Hello Donna,
We have been volunteering to spend time, when we can, with the animals, including walking the dogs, at the Miami County Animal Shelter. We have enjoyed it very much and feel like we help add a little love to their day. We wanted to thank you for your wonderful pictures and efforts to help get these animals the homes they deserve.
Robert & Kathy North
Donna Meade Photography
Thank you so much Pat! The dog you are referring to is Cappy and is available for adoption at the Humane Society of Greater Dayton. He is such a sweetheart. I volunteer my photography to help the animals get adopted, and try to be as creative as possible (within reason) so the animals capture attention on their website.
Pat Holland(non-registered)
Donna I just sat here and went thru your entire website and just want you to know
that I think your photography is awesome. You have such a talent for capturing so
many different subjects. I wish you all the success in the world. My favorite animal
picture is large brown dog with red flower, just makes you want to invite him home with you.
Mikael Hansen(non-registered)
Hi Donna
What a great idea you got there! I love those photos! I wish you all the best and good luck with the project!!

Mikael Hansen, Denmark
Donna Meade Photography
Thank you Heather!
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